The Inverview of ZiziWorld Vision For Investors and Publishers

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CEOMIND: tell me Andre, you are the founder, and Pioneer of ZiziWorld empowerment Products, right?

i: yes

CEOMIND: can you tell us what is it that you are producing?

: I have two projects that complement each other; one is composed of four types of products. Such as the series of books, booklets, and audios on self-empowerment and the course syllabus of Neuro visualization of Achievement. The other mega business concept is ZiziWorld MindGym Salon & Café.

ok, can you tell us a bit about the content of your entrepreneurial authorship? Especially the one you call Neuro Visualization system?

Andre Zizi:
sure, Neuro Visualization of Achievement audio series is a practical course, entitled ‘ The Neuro Visualization of Achievement’ because it deals with the Holographic Brain, the power of three dimensional visualization. It is a practical course about how to use visualization information encoding as used in scientific way, and as used by every sport’s man and woman , celebrities, artist, film makers, industrialists, and those who used it to overcome disease, depression, and terminal illnesses throughout history.

The other audio CDs series called Neuro Syntax Encoding Systems. Each cd contains specific Syntax commands for deep subconscious programming which deals with a particular symptom or a challenge a person may experience. The audio is embedded with Engineering sound systems, particular brainwaves frequencies, and Hollywood sound and music systems for higher cognitive functioning and inspiration.

I also have series of booklets with audio cds called The Walking Miracle Man’s Achievement Strategies. These series of booklets and audios are derived from my own experience on how I overcame illiteracy, depression, panic disorder, suicide attempts, revealing the psychological tools I had used to overcome all of them to become successful.

I also have completed the manual for The Rapid Dream Goal Achievement Program which helps subjects identify vision, clarify content of that vision, and the activation of the five senses including the emotions, to code the high achiever model in their brain and nervous system. It is a portable Self-Help coaching system of Neuro Visual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding System based on the work of executive psychotherapy and Napoleon Hill Imaginary Success circuit.

I hear the word visualization quite a lots in your publicity, are we talking about esoteric visualization?

  Andre Zizi: absolutely not, N.V.L.S.E goes beyond visualization of the esoteric teaching.
It is about mental preparation,
Brain Oxygenation development
Getting the brain into EEG coherence,
Activation of the sub modalities (five senses) and the emotions
subconscious programming
Physiological state,
Clarity of vision
Linguistic Syntax relevance,
Ignite burning desire
Solidify belief systems
Focussed attention
Vividness, and

CEOMIND: I am impressed truly, you seem to have taken success program into new level, especially for the busy men and women out there, who would love to have a scientific based system of achievement, which is simple, easy, and fun to implement. But, what is the imaginary success circuit going to do for people?

Andre Zizi: The success circuit is truly powerful for it puts the subject in the here and now from their future memory implants of success in order to saturate the subconscious mind with psychological progressive success programming, so they will be having great fun doing the ‘’success circuit’’ of talk shows, press conferences, and awards banquets. The segments are uniquely composed to put subjects in “success flow”, which means you start acting “as if”

CEOMIND: it seems like you have created a new strategic success programming as an educational basis for self-empowerment, but who can use such program?

Andre Zizi: anyone who is faced with life’s challenges, set backs, delays, failure, disease, unhappiness, as well as those who want to speed up and multiply their current success or how to avoid falling into the tunnel of negativity, so they are always on the peak performance level, to excel, and achieve results.

: wow, that’s incredible amount of work you have so far done. How about your second mega business concept, entitled ZiziWorld MindGym Salon & Café Hypnotic?

Andre Zizi: ZiziWorld is a sanctuary MindGym Salon for web based cognitive training, providing also remedial & nutritive food and organic pro vitamins vegetable and fruit juice

CEOMIND: what is the core business concept of ZiziWorld?

Andre Zizi:
ZiziWorld core business nature is the Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System, the leading edge of web based and multi media cognitive brain mind technology. For confidential reasons, I am not going to describe the content and service we at ZiziWorld offer.

CEOMIND: what is ZiziWorld going to give people in general, and where is it going to be situated?

Andre Zizi:
ZiziWorld MindGym is a dream place giving mankind access to social power. On-line, and, offline in every corner of the UK
CEOMIND: can you give us hint or an example about what the web based cognitive training does?

Andre Zizi: ZiziWorld product and services, create passion, solidify belief in the infinite possibilities of success, and drive learners/customers to take action, excel, and get results.

CEOMIND: wow, it is quite a comprehensive educational empowerment program, but if you would describe the whole program in three simple words, what would that be?
Andre Zizi: We foster Dreams, innovation, and Empowerment

CEOMIND: What are the potentials of a good investment in your company?
Andre Zizi: The potential is a million dollars industry, not only from my books and audio series, but also from the MindGym Salon & Café Hypnotic business that investors would love to find.

As you mentioned in your article ‘Think Big and Kiss ass of ZiziWorld investment opportunities, I quote you “The self-help coaching system in this industry is thriving. Bill Zanker, the founder of The Learning Annex and co-author with Trump of Think Big, revealed that the self-help industry is generating roughly $19 billion dollars a year in sales. Smart investors no longer seek stock brokers, but they choose pioneers of self empowerment products and visionaries like Andre Zizi's vision of MindGym Salon & Cafe Hypnotic Business opportunities and also a profitable investment opportunity.

CEOMIND: give us some example of the symptoms or challenges you think people are experiencing right now, and the solution you are offering, so that our readers get a clear picture of your products.

Andre Zizi:
well, here is some of the benefits people will achieve from subconscious programming tool of N.V.LS.E, BUT, not limited to the list.

• Unleash Your Genius
• Master a Magnificent Memory
• Mathematical Genius!
• Vocabulary Genius!
• Ultimate Creative Mindset
• Total Learning
• The Zone: Peak Performance
• Laser-Sharp Focus
• De-clutter Your Brain
• The Exam Success Kit
• Increase Your IQ
• Whole Brain Thinking
• Overcome Fear of Confrontation
• Overcome the Fear of Heights!
• Overcome the Fear of Flying
• Overcome panic disorder
• How to manage ADD
• Overcome depression
• Overcome nervousness
• Claustrophobia Cure
• Extinguish your Fear of the Dark
• Acknowledge and Enjoy Change
• Brush Fear of Failure Aside!
• Overcome fear of death
• You CAN Stop Stuttering
• Write a GREAT Novel NOW
• Write a GREAT Screenplay, NOW!
• Speed Reading Demon!
• Improve Your Dancing Skills!
• Overcome Interview Anxiety
• Develop Your Singing Voice
• Driving Test Success
• Enhance your Lucid Dreaming Skills
• Remembering Your Dreams EVERY NIGHT
• Improve Your Visualization Skills
• Young Persons Guide to Excellent Schooling
• Build leadership confidence
• Attract your dream mate
• Create dream goals & achieve them

CEOMIND: Amen! what is your mission statement Andre?

Andre Zizi:
• To create a colossal positive impact on the quality of life on the planet by providing super turbo charged Neuro Visual, Auditory linguistics programming for self-empowerment enabling mankind to unleash the giant genius within, and become their full potential.
• Explore the forefront of positive transformation.

• We appreciate diversity in unity.

• We create harmony and balance.

• We seek the creation of productive and holistic living

• We passionately desire to speed up the pervasive recognition of the evolutionary psychology of achievement, longevity and inspire citizens to improve financial performance

We work continuously to innovate new brain technology that deliberately steer our thoughts and emotions, sharpening our focus on what we dream about most, to take consistent actions toward the dream goal, to excel, and win.

• We are here to be of service.

• We foster health awareness, and educate the community on how to avoid mental health problems and degenerative diseases.

• We create employment as we expand and grow exponentially

• We educate citizens to take control of the vibration of thought and feelings in order to attract health, happiness, and abundance, together; we co-create a world of ZiziWorld vision.

• ZiziWorld Community is a creative community and promote the creative process

• ZiziWorld is A multi-faceted fellowship, extended family, brothers and sisters of the human family that joins together to co-creating a place of powerful intentions, Thus, attracting people who pursue infinite possibilities and pioneer the path to greater evolution.

• We provide our investors with a sense of ‘belonging’ and know that they are part of the company-projected growth.

• We build a legacy companies that are born out of solid integrity

• We improve financial performance

• We are visionaries; inspired and passionate to pioneer the science of mind

• We foster spiritual health, academic dreams, employment resources, and self-employment

• We inform citizens to take action towards a healthier sustainable and clean environment,

• We want to involve the media in our coaching and mentoring mission, and we do coach to success.

• We rejoice, we celebrate and praise our lives, by defining human needs, create values, and enriching the quality of human conditions

CEOMIND: that's a mouth full; I was hoping for a shorter mission statement, can you put all of that in couple of sentences Andre

Andre Zizi: sure, ZiziWorld is “An educational engine of learning that drives the local economy by transforming lives”
“Our mission is to meet the educational personal development and mental training needs of our communities by being an excellent provider where all learners are empowered to realise their aspirations and achieve their dream goals”

: I feel truly honoured to have met you Andre, I wish you whole heartedly continuous success, and thank you for sharing.

Andre Zizi:
the pleasure is mine Amir, and I am grateful for being invited to share with you ZiziWorld Vision

just one final question Andre, where do we go to see some of your investment proposal or a website we can read your executive summary?

Andre Zizi: sure, visit



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