11 One Liner Tips on The Road To Success

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<b>Tip #1 </b>No man becomes rich until he enriches others

<b>Tip #2 t</b>here are no exceptions to this law, it is an infallible. Speak well of others at all times. This is a critical key factor to your success.

<b>Tip #3</b>: Set yourself a definite goal and write it down in your dream notebook NOW

<b>Tip #4: </b>Think for a moment and write down all the reasons why you can’t be successful if you are feeling that way. NOW

<b>Tip #5:</b> Think of who inserted those thoughts in your mind as a child NOW

<b>Tip #6: </b>Think of reversing those thoughts into the positive, write them down, repeat them daily and while you repeat them,

<b>Tip #7:</b> allow yourself to feel the excitement, jubilation as you repeat the content of Tip #6 add confidence, honour, pride, joy, and the person you are becoming NOW

<b>Tip #8</b>: Think of the reasons why you can be successful. Again, write them down, read them for 30 days,

<b>Tips #9</b> focus on who you want to become, what you want to create, and what you want to receive. NOW

<b>Tip#10</b>: Get disturbed about the limitation you are experiencing, do not rationalise why you can’t be your full potential

<b>Tip #11</b>: ACT on your dreams; seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive

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