Self-Help Industry is 64 billion Dollars

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It seems that the Self-help Industry is great niche to tap into, but it is finding that self-help pioneer who let you invest in their products, and if one does, what is involved, like % wise?



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Nice to meet you on investment opportunities

I guess it depends on the owner whether he or she wants to expand their product further into the global market.An investment in this market is absolutely a winner, self-help- coaching audio systems is most sought, people dont have much time  hanging out with coaches, mentors or therapists, therefore, what Andre Zizi is pioneering, and his vision to create series of self-help audios, such for interviews and auditions, neuro visualisation for peak performance and overcoming hundreds of symptoms, is worth looking into it from the investment perspective.


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I admire what Andre Zizi is doing, creating on the go Self-Help Coaching audios, I think he is still pioneering the system, has completed the book, and the written format for the audios, so now, he needs an investor to get the system into recording studio, build website, and hire marketers and affiliates. Yes, the Self-Help industry is 64 Billion dollars


Hi Guys


I am so grateful  for your support and optimism. I am sorry for not being on investment opportunities that much as I am mentoring couples and coordinating a fantastic wedding.

Stay well, stay happy, And God Bless


I love the benefits that Andre Zizi sets out in all his empowerment program. Andre is truly a goldmine for investors.


The benefits of his audios, cds, books that is still pioneering, editing, not yet on audio are as follow but not limited to the list


  • Boosted Memory
  • Enhanced Perception of Reality
  • Activation of the Senses
  • Increased compassion
  • High-level information processing
  • Natural antidepressant
  • Advanced learning ability
  • Intelligence (I.Q.) Increase
  • Optimism Addiction
  • Higher energy levels
  • High level of focus
  • Improved perception / consciousness
  • Peak performers
  • Enhanced Performance,
  • Greater Productivity,
  • Increased levels of harmony
  • Rapid result
  • How to Unleash True Genius Within
  • Master a Magnificent Memory
  • Vocabulary Genius!
  • Ultimate Creative Mindset
  • Total Learning
  • The Zone: Peak Performance
  • Laser-Sharp Focus
  • De-clutter Your Brain
  • The Exam Success Kit
  • Increase Your IQ
  • Whole Brain Thinking
  • Brush Fear of Failure Aside!
  • Write a GREAT Novel NOW
  • Write a GREAT Screenplay, NOW!
  • Overcome Interview Anxiety
  • Overcome depression
  • Overcome panic disorder
  • Overcome ADD
  • Overcome anger
  • How to resuscitate a dying marriage
  • How to attract your dream sweet heart
  • How to make a gay relationship work
  • Improve Your Visualization Skills
  • Young Persons Guide to Excellent Schooling
  • Team Effectiveness & Fostering Empowerment
  • Financial Payback.



1.1 Objectives

ZiziWorld's objectives for the first three years of operation include:


  • The creation of a unique, upscale, conducive ground-breaking environment that will differentiate Ziziworld MindGym from local internet cafes and it is the Holy Grail of Transformation and power, and the only MindGym Studio & café in the World.


  • Educating the community on how dream goals achievement starts with psychological development, the self, the fuel for all creation


  • The formation of an environment that will bring people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a shared platform


  • Added remedial brain power food & drinks at a reasonable price.


  • Affordable access to the resources of the web based cognitive training and tutors


  • ZiziWorld's MindGym Informs, Educates, and Empowers individuals and companies to get results for their life


Andre Zizi also teaches English as a foreign language at entry 1,2,3, He teaches practical philosophy to a small community, he speaks Arabic, french and English.


I hope you find him interesting. He is willing to travel anywhere if he finds sponsor to ensure he does not lose his flat in London while abroad.


I am not affiliate or share holder of ZiziWorld, I have observed this pioneer for quite sometimes, and I saw him teaching live, I talked to people who gave him excellent reference of character. I love visionary people, and I promote and support them because it is one of my passion.


Good Wishes


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