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Investment ideas & Investment Opportunities to Make Profit

I am pleased to support Andre Zizi's vision and his honourable self-help coaching system that will add great value to the growth, and overall health of  mankind, helping them to achieve their dream goals, whatever that might be.

I am reading Andre Zizi chapter after chapter in order to ascertain the viability and profitability of his program.

N.V.LS.E is written to provide you with facts, case studies, and fun packed exercises, accompanied with audio CDs for the application of Oxygenation development, Raj-Yoga Soul Projection & Activation of sensory contents, is absolutely awesome. You may follow him on http://twitter.com/ziziworld

His system requires a lot of work in the area of design, audio recording, website design, PR, and marketing. Your investment in this will definately yields fantastic return on your investment, but I suggest you get to know this guy, he is a gem with great passion and talents in the area of empowerment, and speed of learning and achievement.

If you require further references of Andre Zizi, I am here to assist you.



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Hi Amir

Pleased to meet you, this group is new and fresh, nice and quite Smile

I admire your generosity for your support of Andre Zizi.

I have seen you on different platforms, and it is such a pleasure to network not just for us, but aslo for others too.

Andre ZIzi seem to have an incredible vision, I have yet, to make the time, and explore what he has to offer. I typed Andre Zizi on google and I was pleasantly overwhelmed by his articles, and how he is expanding gracefully in such short period of time.

I hope we chat soon again, do take care.



Hi Amir, I love this new fresh website for investors and their fans, Andre zizi created this group out of sheer desire to give people access to network with investors and their fans for free everything, rather than other paid up membership websites who charge a fortune just to connect you with investors, and we never know for sure whether they are real investors, or made up group so that they make money from people.

Thank You Andre, and I hope this will bring thousands or investors and their fans to gather in celebrattion and empower the  global ecosystem.

It is so good to connect with you Amir.

Love & Peace


Thank you so much for sharing and contributing to N.V.LS.E VISION

God Bless You All

Andre Zizi

Great poster Andre, strong message and I love the colours

You are amazing with what you are pioneering

Amir is doing a fantastic job for you as well, I truly admire his spirit and generosity of mind and heart.

Thanks Amir for being a great mentor

Thank You Andre For being You

Thank You Channel for your enthusiasm and your winning smile!

Good Wishes


I am grateful Gucci, thanks a million

Kindest Regards


I love the Logo, I am so excited for you AndreSmile


Edited Tue, Jun 23, 2009 4:08 PM

Million Thanks ! Cool

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