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  • The Inverview of ZiziWorld Vision For Investors and Publishers

    Posted by Andre / on 09/18/2009 / 0 Comments


    CEOMIND: tell me Andre, you are the founder, and Pioneer of ZiziWorld empowerment Products, right?

    i: yes

    CEOMIND: can you tell us what is it that you are producing?

    : I have two projects that complement each other; one is composed of four types of products. Such as the series of books, booklets, and audios on self-empowerment and the course syllabus of Neuro visualization of Achievement. The other mega business concept is ZiziWorld MindGym Salon & Café.

    ok, can you tell us a bit about the content of your entrepreneurial authorship? Especially the one you call Neuro ..

  • 11 One Liner Tips on The Road To Success

    Posted by Andre / on 06/19/2009 / 0 Comments



    <b>Tip #1 </b>No man becomes rich until he enriches others

    <b>Tip #2 t</b>here are no exceptions to this law, it is an infallible. Speak well of others at all times. This is a critical key factor to your success.

    <b>Tip #3</b>: Set yourself a definite goal and write it down in your dream notebook NOW

    <b>Tip #4: </b>Think for a moment and write down all the reasons why you can’t be successful if you are feeling that way. NOW

    <b>Tip #5:</b> Think ..

  • Investment opportunities & How To Think Like a Genius

    Posted by Andre / on 05/18/2009 / 2 Comments


    <b>How to Use Neuro Visual & Syntax Encoding like the Genius Einstein, this was one of the question asked by one of my client</b>



    1.         Look at the puzzle in many different ways



    2.         Change your first impression of it into modular perceptions



    3.         Come up with a  unique perception, not yet heard of, and decide to work on it



    4.         Leonardo Da Vinci knew that acquiring knowledge about a puzzle, you ..


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