The Billion Dollars in Self-Help Industry

Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life of Donald Trump tells an interesting story.

When attending the seminar Convention Centre on New York City’s West Side, Donald Trump revealed many secret to investment in areas other than real-estates. I listened to Donald Trump untold riches

The admission to the convention was $179, other VIP paid $499 pretty cheap I must admit, and people entering the Javitz Centre were very happy to pay that amount of money.

The objective to that attendance was not only to get educated on wealth building, but it was also to discover how to brand yourself, develop power image, and fame.

However, despite the naysayers, the idea to learn to unleash the genie entrepreneur in you is winning popularity and money. The content of the convention is not about where to invest, or about investment opportunities as such, but more about the psychology of how to spot a product that will make you rich forever, and how you are going to take action.

In fact, smart investors are turning to the self-help in search of greater personal and financial success especially the Self-Help Coaching system for Leaders, wannabe millionaires, health and wellness and ordinary people. Like that of Andre Zizi, the pioneer of The Leading Edge of Brain Mind Technology, though, it is still in the development process, its investment is going to be the best deal for next decade or more. Andre Zizi’s method and application of N.V.LS.E, has the potential to affect profoundly lives from those seeking optimum health, happiness, wealth and fame

The self-help coaching system in this is thriving. Bill Zanker, the founder of The Learning Annex and co-author with Trump of Think Big, revealed that the self-help is generating roughly $19 a year in sales.

It is becoming obvious now that people no longer seek stock brokers or debts counselors, instead they are all turning to Self-Help Coaching Systems to reprogram the subconscious mind so that they can handle their finances without the help of financial advisors.

Also, people with terminal illness, and those who recovered from life threatening disease by the self-help coaching programs are empowered to purchase a book or CD rather than visiting a doctor to stuff them with pills.

Most people behind the self-help movement are people who have gone through hell, and found the right mindset to overcome their limitation, and achieve their dream goals. These self-help movements are now the gurus teaching the neuropsychology of success without having to rely on the therapist or financial advisor.

On that Saturday morning, the Javitz Center filled up wannabe millionaire, and millionaires who invested in those self-empowerment programs were selling so fast. Trump, Robbins, Jack Welch -sales men we selling anything from ‘ How to Beat Wall Street’ to How to Go From Depression To Jubilation. It was incredibly fast how people were writing cheques to grab the latest self-help CD or book .

The Masses flocked the sign-up room, flaunting their credit cards and checkbooks, just after Kittell’s presentation. ‘How To Beat Wall Street sold for $4,297 and other packages were sold at lesser price. There was also an offer for a two-day online seminar for $1,999, plus an extra $299 every six months for website membership.

Donald Trump arrived at 8 p.m and announced that not everyone can become a billionaire. However, because 97% of the human is conditioned at the subconscious level to live under subsistence level, so, It takes hard work to achieve financial freedom, and the hard work is the mindset, knowledge and wisdom to achieve dream goals.

This is why Andre Zizi is pioneering The Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System to help the 97% of mankind use N.V.L.S.E program overcome myriads of psychological disorders, damaged belief system, and subconscious fear of success, fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of many other things that disable the most intelligent and educated person to achieve optimum health, supreme happiness and financial freedom

Now, you know about the secret to successful and profitable investment opportunities, where to invest and how to make profit. I have came across similar investment opportunities from The Author of The Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System named Andre Zizi of ZiziWorld

I have just discovered that he is the pioneer of the Self-Help Empowerment Coaching System and his other related psychological empowerment products that is going to reach billions of lives for the next decade.

Andre Zizi is the Pioneer of various Empowerment audio CDs requires good investment for profitable investment at low risk. Andre Zizi is a fantastic honorable guy with passion, morals and driven by ethical behaviour to enrich the quality of human condition, that is all he cares about.

Andre Zizi is a qualified teacher, writer, success mentor in the area of academia, health, and dream goals. He is an independent neuropsychology of achievement researcher, a cognitive counsellor with Neuro-Linguistic-Programming diploma. He is also a philosophy graduate and a philosopher, trained in the educational Psychology.

He is the author of the following unpublished books The Spiritual Psychology of the Science of Money-phology Win Investing Psychology The Layman Psychology of Rapid Self-employment Breakthrough The Two Psychological Secret Components That Drive People to Ultimate Success Andre Zizi is the pioneer in the creation of ‘N.V.L.S.E’ Dream Goals Achievement

you can contact Andre Zizi on on 07999 579 135 – Andre – 

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WOw, incredibly good Amir. I loved your article. I agree that the self help industry is booming and is not showing any sign of decline at all according to research.

Thank you for sharing, and for your selfless support.



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