The Self-Help Product For Investment



Here is a quick step by step guide to accessing the Alpha Level of mind
The Proposal 
Investment Opportunites for ZiziWorld Empowerment Products

Are You Meant To Be Part Of It...?

Is This The One Investment... The One Opportunity you were looking for?.... You kick yourself if you miss out on this opportunity.

The questions that I have already addressed

Can it be a franchise?

What is the target market?

How do you reach that market?

What is the proposition for those people?

How would your offering differ?

Why would anyone want to come to your place?

What is the income stream?

N.V.LS.E is the culmination of the latest success coaching system, entitled The Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System combined with audio cds for high impact cognitive encoding. N.V.L.S.E is the leading edge of brain power technology combined with RX17 Holophonic sound.


I have used similar program that attracted £250 Million Dollars from the Wall street Investors back in the 1990's. an advance system that sites at the forefront of modern science.


If you are an investor, this is the best time to have ever been alive in history, this is the first time to have ever been able to gain knowledge and technology at the speed of light, in order to touch billion lives, and advance in cognition, dream goal achievement, and overcoming debilitating ills. This Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System is an intelligent investment strategy, and how to Make Profit with investment strategies that is easy to follow.



I completed 5 books that I can convert into syllabus, and use in my upcoming business

Entrepreneurial Authorship

My books require editing, design, and marketing. These books are composed in a way to facilitate and accelerate learning and thinking, My Freedom Education Books are not only inspired by my first hand experience, but also by the latest research in neuropsychology of achievement.

These Freedom Education Books are written in simple readable lay man language, with the few exception of some minor scientific, and philosophical terminologies to stimulate and accelerate learning.

These books can convert into profitable materials such as

Mini Book Series
Mini Lectures

The Benefits to Readers

Enhanced Performance,

Greater Productivity,

Increased levels of harmony

Rapid result

Brain Power - Personal Power - Freedom Power is The Leading Edge in Brain Mind Technology designed along Neuro Visual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding to help individuals and companies to tap and develop the following

How to Expel the demon within and Unleash True Genius Within

Master a Magnificent Memory

Vocabulary Genius!

Ultimate Creative Mindset

Total Learning

The Zone: Peak Performance

Laser-Sharp Focus

De-clutter Your Brain

The Exam Success Kit

Increase Your IQ

Whole Brain Thinking

Brush Fear of Failure Aside!

Write a GREAT Novel NOW

Write a GREAT Screenplay, NOW!

Overcome Interview Anxiety

Overcome depression

Overcome panic disorder

Overcome ADD

Overcome anger

How to resuscitate a dying marriage

How to attract your dream sweet heart

How to make a gay relationship work

Improve Your Visualization Skills

Young Persons Guide to Excellent Schooling

Team Effectiveness & Fostering Empowerment

Financial Payback.

if interested, you can contact me on 07999 579 135 Andre

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Hello, Andre, Great vision, Noble goal, and I am so empowered each time I see you addin an article, blog online. Thank you for inspiration Andre

Hi Andre, so good to see you again, I was away sailing, I hope you had nice break too.

I loved your updated Executive summary, its shorter than this one, and good USP.

Good wishes

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